Frequent terrorist attacks have failed to wake us up, we are unwilling to recognize lapses, accept responsibility and put in place a more credible security plan executed by properly equipped and trained manpower, under strict regulatory control by men of integrity. Unless and until punitive measures are taken against powerful elements responsible for procuring defective or fake security gadgets, land developers etc, terrorists will continue to have a field day with precious lives and assets worth billions.

If ASF bullet proof vests or potable scanners, used to detect explosives in vehicles entering airports are defective, and if the CAA fails to ensure that airline operators and ground handling agencies, given permission to operate from airports, are not properly regulated or scrutinized, we are in trouble. The revenue from ‘landing and parking fees’ are being pilfered, not stopping housing schemes in violation of security around sensitive areas will end in disaster resulting in loss of citizens and damaging our credibility.

The only deterrence to institutionalized corruption is exemplary and quick punishment for those responsible. In every successful terrorist attack, attackers have worn uniforms, knowing full well that no ASF or Police or other law enforcement agency dare check ‘a man in uniform’, or anybody holding a public office. This egoistic “don’t you know who I am?” syndrome has become an obstacle for every security plan in this country. We have to change the mindset of those looking after our sensitive installations. We cannot afford anyone invading our space or attacking our sensitive locations anymore.


Lahore, June 14.