Almighty Allah orders all believing Muslim women to cover up themselves in such a way that intimate parts of their body can cover. But unfortunately, our younger generation has forgotten this order. In fact, some are using this order in a wrong way or how they want to use or according to their convenience.

In today’s society, a few women are there who wear Abaya with the intention to follow the order of Almighty Allah or to cover themselves. Now women or girls wear Abaya for fashion, capture attention, save time and to cheat others.

In Pakistan, Abaya is worn by a girl, going out with her boyfriend not wanting to be recognised. A girl going out from her house wearing Abaya and when she reached at his college or university or wherever she wants to go she takes out her Abaya. What actually she is doing? She is cheating her parents. If you want to wear jeans with top or any other dressing then do it why are you using Abaya as a shield against your wrongful acts.

Some girls or women wear Abaya just to save their time or looking more attractive. A lady wearing trendy and fashionable Abaya must capture the attention of crowd or public.

Questions which arise here: Why Abaya is being used to cheat others? Why Abaya is being used to capture attention? Why it has lost the point for which it has been created?

Pakistan has no laws banning or enforcing Abaya or Hijab. So if you cannot justice with it then don’t wear it. I have seen Abaya wearing girls do the most hateful things and I have seen girls who wear jeans but are perfectly well behaved and cultural.

I just want to say that if you are wearing Abaya then do justice with it. If you cannot, just stop wearing it for cheating or capturing attention or for fashion because this act is spoiling the image of ladies who are actually wearing Abaya with the intention to follow the order of Almighty Allah or to cover themselves. Because there are many dresses in the market in which you can look trendy, fashionable and can easily capture attention so please forgive Abayas.

                                                                                             –Dania Zubair, Lahore