Our country got independence almost 64 years ago, since then, it cannot be said that a public sector has not even fulfilled the requirement of the people of Pakistan by providing them good education. 

The contribution imparted by this sector is a little bit worth to be maintained. Our government system is moving towards destruction due to which not only the teachers are taking interest, nor the students are getting satisfied. 

Now, day by day, situation is getting so worst that in government institutions, teacher does not comes regularly which is definitely resulting in destroying the education system of Pakistan. 

Even, nowadays, the cheating has also become so common that, it is destroying the image of our education sectors. In my opinion, the basic reason behind this nuisance in our country is wide spread corruption. 

I must say, our government should be blamed for all this, because they are not properly providing the funds to the institutions, or else, if the funds are provided, then they are being misused by our senior government staffs. 

Secondly, our education has always remained as an orphan child in our society by facing double standard which is thus creating an atmosphere of frustration for the young ones. This is so because, our government themselves have divided the education system into several different boards. 


Karachi, April 26.