"It puts the uncertainty behind us. It commits Britain to Europe; it commits us to playing an active, constructive and enthusiastic role in it."

–Former British Home Secretary Roy Jenkins on UK embracing Europe in referendum, 6th June 1975.


Britain under Prime Minister Edward Heath had joined the EEC in January 1973 when the Treaty of Rome was signed. Labour's general election manifesto of October 1974 committed Labour to allow people the opportunity to decide whether Britain should stay in the Common Market on renegotiated terms, or leave it entirely.In the run-up to the referendum the prime minister announced that the government had decided to recommend a "yes" vote. But much like what is happening today, the parties remained largely divided.However British voters backed the UK's continued membership of the EU by a 67% majority. The next vote in the coming week will decide the future of Britain and the EU. The EU is no doubt deeply dysfunctional and has its fair share of problems with reformation but Brexit would probably make things worse- not just for Britain, but for Europe as a whole.