I am pursuing my final year in chemical engineering. Recently, we have selected our final year project and name of our supervisor. What comes in our way, I want to share it. 

I have come across many difficulties in my final year project from my teachers. Some of my honourable teachers degrade and humiliate me and my group members regarding bachelor’s project. They say bachelor’s project is just a drama. When my colleagues and I face such harsh words from our sincere, encourager, guider and the beacon of hope like mentors, it develops blue blood to show sincerity, passion and dedication towards final year’s project. If it continues so, then from whom will we be inspired or motivated to work more? How can we innovate innovative ideas? How, we youth, be the cause of progress? Without appreciating, it is very hard to progress. It is natural phenomenon that everyone wishes to attract public to earn name and fame by its actions. 

I want to mention another issue, laboratories are lacking basic equipment as students can carry out their experimental works. If one finds any equipment, it, most probably, be non-functional. Hardly any laboratory is fully equipped with operational equipment then it is very much difficult for students to use them. Those equipment are wrapped with plastics working as a showcase for the laboratory or visiting faculty. 

Yes, I agree that students make mistakes as a beginner. I want to know that how one can learn without making mistakes. As Thomson Edison has given us tube light after making 900 mistakes in his experiment. Every successful story has failure story behind. 


Jamshoro, Sindh, June 1.