I think that keeping in mind 9/11, 2005 British Subway and Bus bombings, and ISIS attacks across Europe and in USA of late, and now the Manchester bombing, that Muslims need to keep a low profile. Hence Muslim women wearing hijab will attract unwanted attention and be the subject of hate crimes, (see Portland Oregon incident in which a man hurled abuse at a hijaban and her friend, and killed two people by stabbing them in the neck, who intervened to try to help the girls and injured another) therefore they should, in keeping in mind prudence, stop wearing hijab and drawing attention to their ‘otherness’ and aloofness from society. 

The only reason Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and other prophets did not shave was because they did not have access to shaving cream and razor blades or electric shavers, which we now do thanks to technology. Sharia therefore does not require beards. 


USA, June 1.