It is debatable whether the United Nations and America have made the world free from terrorism. 

As The United Nations was founded as the result of two international world wars to solve international disputes as well as international issues to create a peaceful environment among countries and save the world from such a catastrophic war. However, in today’s era, some countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many others are losing their military soldiers, civilians, professionals even veteran politicians in fight against terrorism which ultimately affects the economy and other sectors. 

The recent attacks of IS militants and other banned outfits have claimed many precious lives so far. Everyone is concerned that What America and United nations are doing for international issues like terrorism? 

It must be noted that the existence of United Nations has so far not benefitted any Muslim country. Muslims countries are confronting terrorism, extremism and many other serious issues but United Nations is completely silent over their dilemma. 

On the other hand, The OIC is not functioning properly due to differences of its members. It is the need of hour that all Muslim countries should not seek help of other non-Muslim countries and other international organizations rather they should end their differences and work jointly to obliterate terrorism being sponsored by some ant-Muslim countries i.e. India and Israel etc. just condemning the attacks is not solution of terrorism, taking immediate measures boldly can show a right direction for solution of terrorism. 


Khuzdar, June 1.