Scientists have extracted and analysed DNA from mummies that are thousands of years old, and they have found that the ancient Egyptians are actually more genetically similar to people living today in the Near East — countries like Israel, Lebanon, and Syria — than modern-day Egyptians.”

–Angela Chen

During the Victorian era of 1800’s, Napoleon conquered Egypt. This made Egypt’s history accessible for the Europeans. At that time, mummies were not given the respect that they deserved from the European elites and in fact, mummies could be purchased from street vendors to be used as the main event for parties and social gatherings that took place in the 18th century. The elites would often hold “Mummy Unwrapping Parties”, which, as the name suggests, had the main theme in which a Mummy would be unwrapped in front of an energetic audience, cheering and applauding at the same time.