LAHORE : The Pakistan Awami Tehreek and families of 14 people killed in police shooting in Model Town on this day five-years ago are still waiting for justice. The party organised Quran Khawani for the departed souls, and regretted that the accused had not so far been brought to justice. Dr Tahirul Qadri said on the occasion that the PAT had provided call records and other important documents to Joint Investigation Team which haven’t been refuted by the “killers”. The same JIT has been suspended on request of a police officer who was involved in the incident himself, he recalled.


He said this is self- explanatory that in this system the killers have the rights but not the families of victims.

He said the martyrs of Model Town incident were very close to his heart and he would make sure that their blood  did  not go waste. “We want to hold the killers accountable and will not step back from our demand of Qisas at any cost”.

Dr Qadri said a campaign was started to terrorize and intimidate the eyewitnesses. Attempts were also made to buy their loyalties. They were also character- assassinated to bring them under pressure to change their stance. However, he was happy to note that the eyewitnesses stood firm despite all negative tactics did  not let the case’s proceedings be affected.

He said although the PTI had come to power as a result of the elections, the system remained the same, which not only halted the process of justice but also safeguarded the interest of past rulers even today.