Since Pakistan came into being, we have no durable education policy. Education gives the initiative to avert illiteracy into the sensible atmosphere and to cover uncovered things. As compared to Pakistan, some other countries of the world have been leading in their literacy rate but we are lagging behind due to the absence of practical implementation of unique education policy. The airborne and time-wasting education committees did nothing except to agonise teachers. A teacher who works in an educational institution knows better about the psyche of students, all ins and outs about the syllabus. Unfortunately, inspection teams just visit for a short time to fulfil the purpose of monitoring. Monitoring force of province checks attendance of teachers, students and takes LND tests of class three in Punjab Schools. All instructions are just issued for teachers to maintain 100% enrollment,100% results but nothing policy or instructions devised for parents. Most of the parents in rural areas do not send their children to schools. The government should take concrete steps to settle the issue of Education Policy. The Aristocratic class in our country admit their children in private schools, so all the attention of these peoples is paid to private schools, not to the government sector. This is the main factor responsible for big hindrance in the way of Public-Centered Education Policy.

In my good books, experienced and some skilled teachers should be selected in an advisory block of Education Secretariat for a touchable suggestion for empowered education policy. Education Secretariat should be fully autonomous with a team of determined educationists from primary to university level for a better cure of the education system.No doubt, this will help the nation to come out from the analgesia and hurl-burly meetings of the educational system. Teachers should be facilitated in all provinces according to their needs because no nation can flourish without our teachers. Teachers train the students morally and orally both. There is a famous quote to empower the ideology of education. ‘’Education is the most powerful idea which you can use to change the world(Nelson Mandela).’’


Khushab, June 12.