ISLAMABAD           -          The Central Power Purchasing Agency Guaranteed (CPPA-G) has sought over 28.34 percent increase in market operation fee from Rs 1.3894/kW per month to Rs 1.9388 for FY 2019-20.

CPPA-G has requested NEPRA for the increase of Rs 0.56 KW per month in its market operation fee.

According to the petition, CPPA-G has proposed Estimated Average MDI MW at Rs 25.867 billion for 2019-20 against 23.507 billion for 2018-19.

According to the petition, CPPA-G has sought Rs 684.16 million as general establishment cost. This head mainly includes cost associated with pay & allowances and other benefits of the employees, Training and Capacity Building cost and cost regarding consultancy services.

The pay and allowances for FY 2019-20 are proposed at Rs. 453.86 million against the last year approved figure of Rs. 415.58 million for FY 2018-19. Pay & Allowances for FY 2019-20 are projected after applying 10% increase over “Actual Basis pay” of each employee for the period of May 2019 and keeping in view “pay scales structure” already approved by the Authority.

Administrative cost Rs 161.11 million, office operations, services and maintenance Rs 33.34 million, insurance Rs 2.5 million, finance charges Rs 204 million. After less other income and Prior year adjustments the revenue requirement+ CAPEX is Rs 601.81 million.

The employees’ benefits are projected around Rs. 104.42 million for FY 2019-20 keeping in view the “pay scales structure” already approved by the Authority.

The Authority was also requested to allow an amount of Rs. 66.22 million for new hiring during 2019-20.Keeping in view the previous trend and direction of the Authority an amount of Rs. 35.27 million is proposed in the head of training and capacity building for FY 2019-20.For consultancy services f Rs. 24.40 million are requested for FY 2019-20.Finance charges of Rs. 2.4 million are proposed for FY 2019-20.For FY 2019-20 the Authority is requested to allow an amount of Rs. 33.34 million in the head of repair and maintenance

The Authority has allowed an amount of Rs. 391.93 million net of other income, to meet the revenue requirement of the company for FY 2018-19.

The Authority in the Market Fee determination dated November 13, 2019 also mentioned that the allowed amounts are subject to actualization base on the actual finding of the results. As the actual results of FY 2018-19 has arrived so, the determined revenue requirement is compared with actual result to find out the upward/downward revision of the allowed tariff. NEPRA will conduct online public hearing on CPPA-G petition today.