ISLAMABAD - SectorI-8, which is apparently a hotspot location for the spread of coronavirus in Islamabad- seems much relaxed and one can see constant outdoor activity and huge crowds in public places.

Interestingly, with more people following the PPE formula, some are even seen without any masks or protective equipment. 

The picture taken by this correspondent shows Pakeeza Market of I-8/4 and one can see the que of parked cars and residents walking freely with no precautions at all.

Talking to TheNation, a shopkeeper, Muhammad Anser stated that three customers out of five wear mask and other protective equipment while the rest are seen without adopting any protective measures.

Apart from this, a resident of I-8, Ali Khan, stated that according to his observations people are very lenient towards tackling the coronavirus and instead they are seen moving freely with no care at all. If asked about corona, they do not believe and take it as a joke, said Ali.

When asked about the carelessness on behalf of the residents as well as shopkeepers, Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad HamzaShafqat talking exclusively with TheNation told that this was the only reason for imposing curfew in I-8 as people were seen violating the precautionary measures taken elsewhere to prevent coronavirus from spreading.

A notification was also issued by District Magistrate Islamabad on Tuesday.

The citizens have been requested to make prior arrangements for their convenience including ration, medicines and reschedule their engagements/office work before the onset of lockdown/sealing date and time. Islamabad police, Rangers and Pakistan Army have also been requested to cordon off the areas in order to ensure public safety and eliminate further spread of the virus.

Additionally, Deputy Commissioner (General) has been asked to ensure provision of essential commodities and food supplies in the sealed areas, according to the notification.