ISLAMABAD           -        Jay-Z and Beyonce are facing a federal copyright infringement lawsuit from Dr. L’Antoinette Stines, a Jamaican artist who claims they took her work without giving her any credit or money, leaving her feeling ‘artistically raped.’ Stines told the court that the super-couple, reached out to her in March of 2018 seeking local dancers to perform in a promotional video for a tour. Stines said in court docs that after she accomplished that task, she recorded a clip in which she talked about the concept of love at the behest of the artists. Stines told the court their camp, on the day they were filming, told her the clip would be used only ‘for promotional purposes’. So she signed a contract giving them permission to use it for that reason - but it wound up on a key portion of the track.

Instead, Stines’ voice was heard prominently in the track’s first minute as the Jamaican artist gave an impassioned explanation on how she views love.