ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik has urged the people to stay home and follow the SOPs strictly as June, July and August are more crucial regarding coronavirus.

In a series of tweets, Senator A. Rehman Malik said “Dear All Pakistani brothers and sisters please for God sake follow anti- COVID-19 SOPs as according to estimate of Imperial college London that has endorsed my fears, the number of death due to Coronavirus will be almost 80 thousand and death toll may rise to to 2.5 million( God forbid )”

He said that he was not scaring people but telling the correct findings as the estimated figures given to UK and US by this college had already come true therefore all should strictly follow the SOPs. In another tweet, Senator A. Rehman Malik tweets “Hubble Health Warning for June, July and August is worrying as COVID-19 has become highly active in Pakistan as in August, it can kill many thousands per day. Please stay in your homes, please take it seriously.”

In a following tweet, he said “As Chairman Senate Standing on Interior, I advised the government for lockdown through army in mid-March. Last week, I appealed to Prime Minister and Chief Ministers for enforcement of SOPs through Army but in vain. Now provinces are doing limited lockdown in panic as rulers are confused and they have put the people’s lives at risk.” He also said that the leadership being the protectors of the masses were fighting on petty matters and not realising the gravity of the issue (Coronavirus) whereas my persistant requests for the lockdown and capacity building remained unheard. He added that now it was too late as even the lockdown would not be effective.

He urged the government to immediately import minimum one million ventilators, enhance the hospitals capacity by million beds by using school and colleges compounds as the experts say COVID-19 multiple adverse impact would be more than USA and we must ask China for help and medical supplies in advance.