ISLAMABAD - The majority of general bus stands in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are likely to cause troubles for the district administrations as very less number of people follow SOPs despite the strict warnings of the government.

Besides the violation of SOPs, the transporters have also been involved in many other violations including overcharging and overloading which is completely against the conditions set between the government and transporters ahead of the reopening of the transport system.  

The government on the condition of strict adoption of all the precautionary measures had allowed the transporters to start the transport system to different parts of the country. However, the transporters and even the commuters are paying no heed towards the SOPs and things may get out of hands if timely actions were not taken. The Nation in its survey of different bus stands including Faizabad, MandiMorr, Karachi Company and Peer WadhaiMorr witnessed that the SOPs set by the government for the public transport have been violated by the transporters and the district administration despite deployment of police personnel at all the bus stands failed to stop them from violation of SOPs.

While talking to The Nation, a passenger atFaizabad Bus Stand who was travelling to Peshawar told that the situation at the bus stands was slipping out of the hands as majority of the people were not following the SOPs.

He stated that besides the violation of SOPs, the transporters were charging them high fares and they were facing huge overloading, but still the motorway police and the district administration were yet to take actions against the violators.

Meanwhile, an official from the Faizabad Bus Stand without disclosing his name told The Nation that it was a fact that the transporters were not adopting the precautionary measures completely, but they had no other way because majority of drivers have to pay extra and illegal taxes to the local police and many other district administration officials.

On the matter of overcharging and overloading, the official said that they have been paying extra money to many government servants in the concerned departments and without overloading they will not be able to pay extra money to police and other concerned authorities.

He claimed that they wanted to disclose all such things to the media, but in the end the drivers and poor people like them will suffer and the rest of the looters will move freely because the hands of law in the country can only hold poor people.

Moreover, The Nation frequently tried to approach the officials of transport authority on the matter but they did not respond.

Meanwhile, several markets across Islamabad are too continuously flouting the SOPs as most of the customers and shopkeepers are paying no heed towards adopting the precautionary measures despite the frequent warning of the government and the district administration.