KABUL (AFP) - Insurgents ambushed and killed four Afghan policemen Tuesday, the interior ministry said, as military forces reported that nine militants and an Australian soldier died in combat. The bloodshed comes after a string of incidents since the weekend in which nine American and European soldiers were killed, as well as a number of Afghan police and civilians, in the Taliban-led insurgency. In the latest incident, the four policemen were killed in an ambush in Kandahar as they were driving on a key road, the ministry said in a statement. The attack follows Monday's Taliban suicide bombing of police headquarters in Helmand in which 11 people, nine of them policemen, died. Another policeman was shot dead the same day in the southwestern province of Farah. Also early Tuesday, Afghan and US-led coalition troops raided a bomb-making cell in Kandahar, killing seven militants, a coalition statement said. Three suspects were arrested. Two other militants were killed shortly before dawn after attacking a police post in Nimroz, the ministry said. The Australian soldier was killed Monday in Uruzgan when about 20 Taliban insurgents attacked a convoy with small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades, the Australian military said.