Some opportunists have launched a campaign against the UN investigation into Benazir's murder. They are giving all kinds of arguments against a UN inquiry the gist of which all is that since her party PPP is in power now, they should use the internal sources of the Pakistani State for this inquiry. This is rather silly. Don't these people remember that a sitting Prime Minister of this country was also killed in 1951 at the same venue in Rawalpindi and the nation is still waiting for report of the in-depth inquiry into his murder. Similarly, one fine morning the real sister of the Father of Nation, Madre Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah was found dead in her bed and the inquiry said "she died of heart attack". What about the inquiry report into the murder of Nawab of Kalabagh? Are people satisfied with the argument that he was killed by his own son? List of such Jhurloo inquiries, conducted by the national agencies of Pakistan, is very long. By opposing an international inquiry into the latest political murder of our history, do these people want another addition to this long waiting list? Don't they know that the times have changed? -AYSHA MUGHAL, Islamabad, via e-mail, March 5.