KARACHI - The Karachi Stock Exchange continued to depict bullish sentiment on Tuesday and the KSE-100 Index once again closed in the green zone with a gain of 74.99 points. The bulls maintained their grip over the market despite offloading from local and foreign counters mainly in the main board highly liquid stocks, the developments, however, call for a more intensive drive. KSE-100 Index closed at 6183.53 points after touching day's high level of 6194.27. Trading activity was better on Tuesday as compared to the last trading session as the ready market volume stands at 216.477 million shares as compared to last trading session 210.063 million. Out of 400 active symbols at KSE, 124 advanced, 261 lost value while the worth of the shares of 15 companies remained unchanged. Total trading value of the market increased sharply and amounted to 7.843 billion rupees in contrast with the last trading value of 2.689 billion. Market Capitalisation stands over Rs. 1.866 trillion. Investors took fresh positions in oil, fertilizer sectors expecting good results in forthcoming quarter as the disturbing political scenario has calmed down in the country. Support from IMF, friends of Pakistan's meeting next month and aid from the US also played a catalyst role in capital market recovery. NIB bank, yet again, was witnessed as the volume leader of the day with the trading of 21.347 million shares on Tuesday. Among other fine-traded shares were National Bank 17.214 million shares, OGDC 14.508 million shares, PTCL 11.342 million shares, Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim 10.297 million shares, DGK Cement 9.780 million shares, TRG Pakistan 7.184 million shares, Lucky Cement 6.623 million shares namely. Unilever Pakistan gained 62.60 rupees per share and closed at Rs1941.20, Attock Petroleum added 12.67 rupees/ share taking its total value to Rs267.51, PSO gained 7.76 rupees/share and closed at Rs163.10, Packages Limited gained 7.21 rupees/ share and its total value was improved to Rs151.42, Bata Pakistan also gained 7.05 rupees/ share and closed at Rs600. Alternatively, Wyeth Pakistan lost 77.83 rupees and its total value was decreased to Rs1478.92 with only 20 shares traded on Tuesday, Siemens Pakistan lost 33.45 rupees/share and closed at Rs770, Atlas Honda lost 5.92 rupees/share and closed at Rs112.60, Millat Tractors lost 5.08 rupees/share and closed at Rs183.79. On the other hand, KSE-30 index closed at 6578.63 with a gain of 167.79 points. All shares index closed at 4454.78 with a gain of 37.99 points. "KSE-100 Index, without any doubt, has performed exceedingly well against all odds and the blue chip companies that grace the board are as resilient and outstanding in their profits and dividends than their counter parts in any other country", stated Shahid Ali, CEO Habib Metropolitan Financial Services (HMFS) adding, the market is jamming with value but prudence demands caution of booking profits with subtle selling, so one has stocks in hand if benchmark-100 rockets north. Dips can provide a good opportunity to shop at blue chip counters and one may witness volatility in the coming sessions.