ISLAMABAD - The defiant Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Raja Arshad who declined to bow down to the orders of high-ups to thrash the marchers will have to pay the price, as he is facing trial. While talking to TheNation, Arshad said that he disobeyed an illegal order. The members of his family said that his trial had no significance, rather what he had done was really significant. They appealed to the President and the PM to take action against those police officers who made a junior officer a scapegoat. One of his friends, Mushtaq Ahmad, said that action against his friend was highly condemnable. There were many other police officers in Lahore and Sargodha who refused to obey illegal orders of their seniors but why only Arshad was being victimised, he regretted. It is relevant to mention here that Nawaz Sharif had already forbidden policemen to obey illegal orders of the government. He publicly stated this during his speech in Lahore immediately after his and his brother's disqualification.