Since Mumbai mayhem of November 26, several anti-Pakistan stories have appeared in the Indian media. An article published in the Indian Defence Review, Jan-Mar 09 (Online Edition) under the caption Stable Pakistan not in India's Interest went unnoticed in our country. While taking cognisance of the ongoing unrest in Pakistan, issue of Kashmir, Afghanistan etc., the Review suggested the disintegration of Pakistan as it could better serve Indian interest in the region. In this context, while opposing the Two-Nation Theory and creation of Pakistan, it blamed that in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK): "Pakistan and Bangladesh exported their fundamentalist populations in their interest." It pointed out: "The ugly separatist face of the agitation in the Valley today is the consequence of the dereliction of the fundamental duty by the Union." In this connection, the article encouraged Hindu religious forces at the cost of secular character of India. Nevertheless, this analysis cannot be seen in isolation as it reflects admission of New Delhi that insurgency in Pakistan's tribal areas, separatism in Balochistan including a number of subversive acts such as suicide attacks, sectarian violence, bomb blasts, etc have continuously been sponsored and supported by the Indian intelligence agency, RAW - from Indian terrorist training camps and foreign offices located in Afghanistan. In this respect, some civil and military high officials of our country have repeatedly stated that India is not only backing BLA in Balochistan, but is also creating lawlessness in other cities of Pakistan. Indian anti-Pakistan plan has also been endorsed by a 72-page dossier handed over to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by the Indian government in the aftermath of the Mumbai carnage. The dossier, titled War On Terror: The Agenda for Action, advised New Delhi to "exploit the divisions within Pakistan and expose its weaknesses in Balochistan, FATA and Azad Kashmir," including building of pressure on Islamabad especially by the US. Surprisingly, while weakening Pakistan as part of its unfinished agenda, New Delhi even does not realise the fact that non-state actors, popularly called militants have connections with each other from Kabul to New Delhi including Central Asian Republics. In fact, by taking advantage of War On Terror, RAW has become pro-active to arrange any terrorist event in Pakistan or India with the help of Indian homegrown terrorists and then to manipulate the same against Islamabad. This exploitation also entails every such militant attack which is being conducted by the freedom fighters either in Afghanistan or Kashmir. International politics displays that creation of turmoil in any country influences all countries of a particular region. Past and present history of the Balkan gives ample evidence that insurgency and separatism in one country can have a drastic impact on other neighbouring states. For example, World War I was initially a local issue between the two tiny states, but very soon, it enveloped the major European states including the US, Japan and Turkey. Similarly civil war in Somalia has been affecting all states of the area. By ignoring the real causes behind the terrorist attacks in Mumbai and Lahore coupled with wars of liberation in Afghanistan and the IHK, Indian rulers have been acting upon a self-destructive approach by destabilising Pakistan. Such a negative strategy will badly affect India where more than six states are facing separatist movements. So disintegration of Pakistan as proposed by the Indian Defence Review will disintegrate the artificial union of India itself. And it will also bring about a chain of reaction in other Asian countries. The writer is a foreign affairs analyst. E-mail: