NEW DELHI (Agencies) - Cracking the whip, the Indian Election Commission on Tuesday moved against Varun Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate and a member of the Gandhi-Nehru family, for his anti-Muslim speeches and police quickly filed a case against him. Varun Gandhi, the grandson of late Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi, reportedly told a rally that his Hindu nationalist BJP would "cut heads of Muslims." According to footage aired by the NDTV news channel, Varun Gandhi also said Muslims "have scary names like Karimullah, Mazullah" and that "if you meet them at night you will be scared."In a slew of decisions, the EC filed a criminal case under non-bailable law against BJP candidate in the Lok Sabha Varun for allegedly making inflammatory remarks with communal overtones and served notice to the party seeking its explanation. The EC also directed the Uttar Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer to file a case against Varun Gandhi under Indian Penal Code and Representation of the People Act and issued a notice to him for violation of Model Code of Conduct. BJP was also slapped with a notice over Varun's remarks. The Election Commission has slapped a notice seeking his explanation. Shortly later, the Station Officer of Barkhera filed a case against Varun under provisions of IPC and RPA relating to speeches intended to cause enmity among people on religious grounds. The provisions speak of punishment of imprisonment up to three years. Under the law, a person convicted of an offence with imprisonment of not less than two years, could be barred from contesting elections. An Election Commission official told AFP that an official warning was also to be issued to the BJP. But Varun, whose mother is also a BJP MP, denied the charge in his reply submitted to the District Magistrate M P Agarwal. The DM said a complaint was received from the Congress against Varun on which an inquiry had been ordered. He said the inquiry would be conducted by Sub-Divisional Magistrate Bisalpur M S Akhtar. "Making communal or casteist remarks amounts to violation of the model code of conduct," officials said. Varun's comments were criticised by the ruling Congress party, which is headed by Sonia Gandhi, the widow of Indira's eldest son Rajiv, and the torchbearer of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. Varun is the son of Indira's second child Sanjay, a side of the family that was disowned by the dynasty. The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty has no blood relation to Mahatma Gandhi, the icon of India's independence movement. A Congress spokesman accused the BJP of being a party with an anti-minority ideology. A BJP spokesman, however, insisted that "the traditional culture of BJP can never teach a person to speak so irresponsibly." In his defence, Varun said the recordings of his speeches had been tampered with. India goes to the polls to elect a new parliament and government from April 16 to May 13.