Article 41 of the Constitution states that "the President shall be the head of state and shall represent the unity of the republic". In the present scenario, though, the President is at loggerheads with the former ruling party of Punjab i.e. PML-N which is so convinced of his unreliability that it is not prepared to negotiate any matter whatsoever with him. Another interesting constitutional requirement that the President seemingly does not fulfil is qualification under Article 62(d) that says "he is of good character and is not commonly known to violate Islamic injunctions". The President, however, is on record to have remarked that fulfilling agreements is not a part of Quran and Hadith. This amounts to blatant violation of injunctions of Islam contained in the Holy Quran and Ahadees-i-Nabvi that require fulfilling of all agreements and promises which shall also to be accounted for on the Day of Judgement. It is, thus, evident that the President no longer represents 'the unity of federation' and also does not fulfil the qualifications laid down in Article 62 (d) of the constitution. This appears to be a fit case for impeachment of the President. I offer this view in good faith to the sitting Parliament to proceed as it deems fit. -DR MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, via e-mail, March 6.