ISLAMABAD - The President of Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) has urged the Tamil Tigers to give up the policy of blood shedding and violence and adopt peaceful way of life instead. In a letter addressed to the leader of Liberation Tigers Tamil Ealam (LTTE), V Prabaharan, the President of TULF, V Anandasangaree, pleaded him to consider the miseries of hundreds of thousands of the innocent people and give up killings, violence and other means of destruction. Some of the extracts of the letter, titled, 'The last chance to save our people,' dated March 12, sent to TheNation by Sri Lanka's HC here, read as under: "My dear Prabaharan, the curse of over three hundred and thirty thousand people belonging to about 81000 families, kept by you under compulsion, will not let you live in peaces and it will follow you and your heirs for many more generations to come. Those who support you even now will not be spared. Please change your mind at least now and release those detained, to freedom. People have started dying of starvation for which you should take the responsibly. Out of sheer desperation only, I am writing to you this time, an open letter, since your whereabouts are not known. I want to ask you whether, at least at this stage, you are not going to undo some of the things that you had done. As usual I am not expecting a reply from you, but I honestly believe that you will take some positive steps to save the people whom you have brought to this state. It is very unfortunate that you had not taken any of my letters seriously, all of which were written with good intentions, although most of them had been very critical of your activities and those of your cadre. Now what do you gain by keeping innocent people under your compulsion? There are over three hundred thousand men, women and children. Many are sick and wounded. Some are feeble and old. I do not think that you will ever regain your position even after many years of fighting. As far as we could see the war is over. What is happening today is mopping up and winding up operations in a small area where 81000 families had been squeezed into. Detaining these people indefinitely will not help you in any way. The future position of your entire group is also highly insecure. Rather than losing all of them please come to your senses and save the remaining members of your cadre. Please surrender them and all of them can be saved under a general amnesty. Also disband your organization and surrender to the forces. This is one way by which you could save them. You are being accused by the International Community of ill-treating the people. The UN and the EU have condemned your action. The UN High Commission for Human Right and organisations like the Human Right Watch also have accused you of compulsorily detaining the innocent people. You also in turn should stop artillery attack and shelling. V Anandasangaree, President, TULF."