In the wake of Mumbai attacks, Indian Home Minister Shivraj Patil had resigned accepting his moral responsibility in the Mumbai mayhem. Such examples are generally set by those at the helm of affairs in western countries. Unfortunately, there is no mea culpa in our society. In Pakistan, a string of harrowing incidents have occurred with disconcerting regularity but nobody has set such a precedent here. Marriott Hotel incident and the recent attack on Sri Lankan cricket team are two catastrophes of international gravity. But on each occasion, instead of accepting their failure as responsible leaders, our men have preferred to cling to their jobs. One had expected the Adviser on Interior to tender his resignation following the brazen attack on Sri Lankan team that damaged Pakistan's image so much in the comity of nations. He has not budged at all. -SAJID ALI BANGASH, Hangu, via e-mail, March 3.