LAHORE - Pakistan's sports ministry has finalised a new amended constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board that is aimed at clipping the chairman's wings and gives more powers to an elected general body and executive council.Since 1999, when an ad-hoc system of governance was introduced in the Pakistan Cricket Board, the chairman, who is directly nominated by the chief patron - the President of Pakistan - has enjoyed unusual discretionary powers and has had supreme veto powers. However, that looks changed in the revised constitution drafted by the sports ministry and is sent to the President's secretariat for approval."In the new constitution the board will revert back to a domestic set up based on district and divisional cricket structures. We have also removed many flaws and shortcomings that were in the constitution," an official of the sports ministry said. He said the general body and more so the executive council will have the powers over the actions and decisions of the Chairman that was not possible in the old structure."The draft document of the constitution has been vetted by the law ministry and sent to chief patron, President Asif Ali Zardari, for approval," the official said. In the past the discretionary powers enjoyed by the PCB chairman had come under criticism from former players, who put it down to a flawed constitution. The official said the present draft had been prepared following approval of the constitution committee that was formed with consent of the President and headed by the law minister. "In the new revised constitution all amendments have been made after consulting all stakeholders including former players," the official added. In the new constitution the executive council will deal with major operational issues and the general body will be required to give approval to the auditor's report, budgetary and financial matters. The general body will include 10 representatives of Punjab, seven from Sindh, four from NWFP, two from Baluchistan, one from Federal areas, five from affiliated departments of the board and one representative of the women's wing. But even in the new constitution the PCB chairman will have the powers to appoint the national captain and selection committee.