LAHORE- President Lahore High Court Bar Association, MA Shahid Siddiqui has said the PCO judges have lost moral and legal grounds after restoration of the Judiciary to stay in the office anymore. Taking to media men along with Jamat-e-Islami Naib Ameer Liaqat Baloch, who led a delegation to the Bar to greet March 16 here on Tuesday, he said it was now a respectable for the PCO judges to leave. According to him the restoration of judges has rendered the PCO unconstitutional after the judges have been restored to their original position, which means the PCO was a subversion of the Constitution and one perpetrating that act is liable to high treason. He said since the PCO judges are also infected by this unconstitutionality therefore they too have lost the moral and constitutional justification to stay in the office. He said for being under oath of the PCO, the credibility of the judges in question, has become doubtful. He said judiciary too is polluted with corruption and the restoration of judges is highly expected to purge the institution of this evil so that others corrupt elements could also be taken to task by it. To a question that the lawyers show appeared hijacked by the PML-N to lift up politically, he denied this impression saying, this party was struggling with lawyers to carry forward their just cause which was also principled one. So there was not question of hijacking their struggle but in fact sharing in it. Laiqat Baloch presented bouquet to the Bar president and termed, restoration of the judges a true reflection of the public sentiments, he said a strong and independent judiciary is a guarantee to the stability and peace in the country. He said the nation has come by a rare chance to be heard and be counted and this is the time to hold every element accountable which disserved the national interest. Baloch said March 16 has risen with fulfillment of the public hopes and it was expected that the judiciary under Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would live up to the expectations. A country cannot survive without rule of law and the nation had got the opportunity to make the nation strong under it.