ISLAMABAD - The replies given by India to Pakistan's 30 questions on Mumbai attacks include the DNA profiles of lone surviving alleged terrorist Ajmal Kasab and his nine other accomplices, details of fingerprints of attackers, their intercepted conversations on the phone, GPS data and some other details. "Pakistan has started the process of scrutiny of Indian replies to its queries on Mumbai carnage and the Foreign Ministry has handed them over to the Interior Ministry, which has provided these details to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for probe," said a senior official here on Tuesday requesting anonymity. He said the decision to hand over the Indian replies for thorough investigation to FIA was taken in a meeting held at Interior Ministry with Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior, Rehman Malik in the chair. The official said the scrutiny process would take some time but once it was completed, the results would be shared in no time with the Indian Government along with the position of Pakistan on important issue. The other answers provided by India included travelogues of the terrorists, autopsy reports of attackers killed in the terrorist act, digital diaries of terrorists and the digital map, etc, the official said. He said the FIA would take up the Indian replies to Pakistani questions one by one and would try to assess how far those were credible and also helpful for further probe. He said that the assessment by FIA would also determine the level of cooperation between Pakistan and India in investigations into Mumbai attacks. "For successful probe it's essential that the two sides provide each other with fair assessment and authentic information but if one of them does not come up with that then it's going to have negative impact on the cooperation," the official said.