KARACHI - The Sindh government has prepared a list of development projects to be presented before the coming meeting of the Friends of Pakistan Forum, scheduled to meet in Tokyo next month, officials told The Nation. The projects ranging from mines and mineral to education and health sectors involve estimated cost of over Rs20 billion. The Economic Affairs Division of federal government through a letter to Sindh government last month sought the list of development schemes for which the funding could be raised from the Friends of Pakistan Forum. An official of Planning and Development Dept Sindh told The Nation that the detail and concept paper of 13 projects had been finalized so far which will be sent to the concerned ministry of federal govt within few days. Giving the detail of proposed schemes official said that the Sindh govt had prepared the concept of projects relating to mines, mineral, sewerage, education and health sectors which could be initiated with joint ventures of Friends of Pakistan Forum countries. Sindh government has proposed a project to develop the minerals at Sonda-Thatta district with estimated cost of Rs6 billion ($74.441m) with joint venture of foreign countries. The golden marble and other minerals were found in the vicinity of Sonda which are unique in the world, officials said, adding that there are no facilities for extraction and processing of minerals in Sindh. The project will open a new window of opportunity of employment of the local people of rural areas, official said. Another project with estimated cost of Rs3 billion ($37.220 million dollars) aimed at the development and exploration of mines at Nagarparkar in Thar. The studies showed that the granite found in Nagarparkar, has high density and low porosity with acceptable parameters and it will dominate the world marble industry because of its competitive prices, official remarked. Besides, the exploration and processing of granite to attract the investment, this proposed project will provide benefit of employment to local people of Nagarparkar where 80pc population is living below poverty line. Other projects which are being sent to the federal government for joint venture with Friends of Pakistan Forum countries are, prevention of diseases in livestock with estimated cost of Rs192.50 million; establishment of equine research and extension centre at Nausheroferoze with estimated cost of Rs28.582 million; Introduction and demonstration of Mari-Culture Technology in Sindh involving a cost of Rs800 million. Besides, introduction of value addition in Tuna fish with Rs800 million, Camel research development in Nabi Ser Road with Rs210.46 million, Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan (S-111) with estimated cost Rs7.982b, Construction/revamping of sport stadium in districts with Rs505 million and a project for strengthening/revamping of laboratories for high secondary schools throughout Sindh with estimated cost of Rs510m would also be included in the list of projects. Officials said the projects relating to facilities for shelterless schools and hospitals waste management would also be presented before the Friends of Pakistan forum.