If the fanatics believe that by bombing mausoleums of saints like Rehman Baba, who spread Islam in places like India, Central Asia, South East Asia and Balkans, they would be able to revive a specific religious school of thought, they should think again. Islam was spread by the saints like Baba through tolerance, understanding, fraternity and love. The sectarian fanatics should remember that 21st century is the age of spirituality. The spiritual message of these saints is based on the principles preached by our Prophet (PBUH) through his noble deeds. Three hundred years ago Rehman Baba said; Tsa Pa Yawo Qadam Ke Arsh Ta Rasigee;; Ma Ledalay De Raftar Da Derveshaano. (I have seen the speed of dervishes who reach the sky in one stride). Those steps are taken with the help of noble deeds. -DR GHAYUR AYUB, London, UK, via e-mail, March 6.