LAHORE-As the Punjab Assembly has now started taking up its official business after three days of continuous protest by the Opposition over the issue of Unification Bloc, six amendment bills were tabled in the House on Thursday. Some important adjournment and privilege motions were also taken up by the assembly besides assembly questions. It may be noted that 11 bills were laid in assembly on Wednesday. The bills laid before the House on Thursday include: The Registration (Amendment) Bill, The Hindu Disposition of Property (Amendment) Bill, The Charitable and Religious Trusts (Amendment) Bill, The Hindu Inheritance (Removal of Disparities) (Amendment) Bill and the Hindu Law of Inheritance (Second Amendment) Bill. The subject on which these laws have been enacted has devolved on the provinces by virtue of 18th amendment in the Constitution. These bills are now required to be adapted by the Punjab Assembly in terms of clause 6 of Article 270AA of the Constitution.