LAHORE - About 50 armed men attacked Bari Film Studios on Multan Road alleging the films and dramas being shot there were promoting obscenity and vulgarity among the general public, police sources and the owner of the studio said. The studio was immediately shutdown after the attackers were dispersed by the Iqbal Town police. Khurram Bari, the owner of the Studio, however, alleged that a religious cleric Maulvi Asif, resident of Faizpur, Hajipura in Sabzazaar Police Station, wanted to occupy the Bari Mosque located inside the studio. He alleged that the attackers had financial demands ,otherwise, they would occupy our mosque. According to him, Asif alongwith 50 armed men attacked the studio besides chanting slogans against the vulgarity and anti-Islamic acts that were allegedly being promoted in films. Khurram Bari further said that the cleric wanted to illegally occupy the Bari Mosque, which was being run by Bari family since 1974. 'We had arranged a lungar for over 400 to 500 people on Thursday, who cannot afford breakfast, lunch or dinner with their money, he remarked. Reportedly, the Bari family had submitted an application and court orders to the Iqbal Town Police Station after 12.30 pm besides informing the police about the possible attack on Thursday. 'Right after 30 minutes, Maulvi Asif alongwith a good number of people attacked the studio and picked up sofas, chairs, lights, cameras and other articles used in film-shooting, he added. According to the owner, the attackers also victimised the guards including Bashir Khan, Zulqarnain, Shahid and Maulvi Mushtaq. 'An application has been moved to the police station concerned and the SHO Inspector Faisal Sharif has also promised of providing justice but nothing has been initiated against them, he added.