ISLAMABAD- Despite a heavy payment pending of Rs 900 million and dishonoring of cheques, the cash strapped Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has continued diesel supply to run the system of ever sinking Pakistan Railways (PR), The Nation reliably learned. Spokesman of PSO while talking to The Nation informed that it had provided one million litres (10 lakh litres) diesel to Pakistan Railways considering national and common mans interest. 'Pakistan Railways owes us Rs 900 million and they need somehow to manage their finances and pay the fuel supplier, the spokesman added. Furthermore, according to break-up, several cheques issued by Pakistan Railways to PSO have been dishonored due to insufficient funds since December 2010 worth Rs 1,151,119,128 and cheques in hand till March 11th worth Rs 239,133,087. In this way, total outstanding against credit supplies was Rs 761,787,769. 'Financial crisis in Pakistan Railways (PR) has further deepened as the bailout package to the tune Rs 11.2 billion is still awaited to take the ever-sinking organisation out of financial crunch, sources in Railways Ministry told ,adding, that though the government has approved in principle a bailout package of Rs 11.2 billion for Pakistan Railways yet due to severe financial crisis it (government) could not release the approved amount to decrease the continued fiscal crisis. Pakistan Railways, commonly known as 'white elephant, is yet not in a position to steer itself out of the crisis due to the non-availability of bailout package worth Rs 11.2 billion. However, the organisation is running from pillar to post for the release of bailout package to run the system of Railways in a smooth way, the sources added. The economic experts assume that the only way to pull out the organisation running into deficit for last many years is to provide bailout package as early as possible. They said that further delay could be much harmful. It is to note that earlier when contacted, Chairman Pakistan Railways Raja Shahid Hussain said that, 'Rs 11.2 billion bailout package has been approved and is still in the process. He, however, admitted that Pakistan Railways faced financial crisis, so the issues of payments over credit fuel supplies from Pakistan State Oil (PSO) continued. It is worth mentioning here that reportedly different plans are on the card in Railways Ministry to cope with the continued financial crisis, as it is seriously considering abolition of its Police Department that takes over Rs 1.5 billion including emoluments and other facilities to help reduce its annual expenditures. Similarly, earlier Pakistan Railways officials wrote a letter to the Federal Government asking it to allow them to accept the loan the US government worth $ 400 million to purchase 150 engines, as they were in 'a desperate situation. However, so far the Federal Government has not approved the offer.