HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese writer Bi Feiyu's account of life during the Cultural Revolution won the 2010 Man Asian Literary Prize on Thursday, making a hat-trick of wins for Chinese writers. The writer, journalist and poet won with his novel "Three Sisters", described by the judges as a "gripping tale of familial conflict and love." Bi, dressed in a black Mandarin collar suit, said the book was inspired by dissatisfaction with the current body of Chinese "scar" literature from the Cultural Revolution for being "stuck in a miasma of who's right and wrong" and by the tribulations suffered by his father at that time. "We should never forget the Cultural Revolution," he said of the tumultuous 1966-76 campaign initiated by Chairman Mao Zedong that led to the persecution and exile of millions of intellectuals and "bourgeois" citizens to the countryside, as hordes of rampaging Red Guards spread fear nationwide and destroyed a large part of China's cultural heritage.