ISLAMABAD - The postponement of by-polls by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in Dera Ghazi Khan twice in the last two days not only raises eyebrows but also supports the oppositions allegations that the government, putting the gun on ECPs shoulder, is set to favour its candidate by gaining more time to win votes. The ECP, on Tuesday, had issued a press release announcing the postponement of by-polls in the National Assemblys electoral constituency NA 172 Dera Ghazi Khan II for two days on the 'request of National Crises Management Cell due to sectarian terrorism threat ahead of an Urs. Two days later, the ECP deemed it necessary to 'honour another 'request from Chairman Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, DG Khan due to the major papers of Secondary School Certificates. The by-polls that were previously postponed and rescheduled from March 24 to March 26, were rescheduled to March 29, 2011, on Thursday. The by-elections in the aforesaid constituency are postponed for the fourth time During a conversation with The Nation on Thursday, the opposition candidates Hafiz Abdul Karim from Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) and Awais Leghari from Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam), contesting by-polls from NA 172, blasted these sudden 'fits of the ECP to entertain controversial 'requests, saying that the move was nothing but a delaying tactic to buy more time for Pakistan Peoples Party candidate Shabir Leghari. The PPP contestant, despite making commitment with this scribe to share views on the subject, did not respond calls and texts on Thursday night. We dont except anything good from ECP. Its serving the agenda of ruling party. First it was Muharram, then it was Urs and now its the exams These delaying tactics would just go on, deplored Hafiz Karim. He said it was the responsibility of the ECP to consider all the factors such as Urs and students exams beforehand. Its ill planning and ill intention. Thrice we complained to ECP about presence of 10,000 bogus votes in our rivals constituencies and thrice the ECP issued notices but nothing happened, he said. Karim said that Governor Punjab Latif Khosa had visited the DG Khan NA 172 constituency four times after the announcement of elections schedule in that area that was a stark violation of ECP rules. The ECP rules prohibit the entry of any government functionary, ruling elite or official in any electoral constituency once the polls schedule is announced. The Governor Khosa is making mockery of these rules and the ECP is silent. Why? he asked alleging that stage was being set to favour the PPPs Shabbir Leghari. The PML-Q contestant Awais Leghari said, This is the height of inefficiency and ill intentions. After every two days, they postpone the elections on one pretext or other. All this is done to buy more time for ruling parties candidates whose parties are ruling at centre and in Punjab, he said adding, They are sadly mistaken, their defeat is certain and these delaying tactics wont help. He said that his rivals were accusing him of relying on bogus votes while they themselves had contested elections using same votes. Not a vote has been termed as bogus by NADRA, these are unfounded allegations, he added. The PPPs Shabbir Leghari was contacted twice at his cell phone on Thursday. He said that he was busy in elections campaign and promised to share views on the subject at night. Despite repeatedly tried at night, he neither responded calls nor did he reply texts.