ISLAMABAD - Every single day of the last month witnessed eight deaths in four incidents of armed conflicts in Pakistan. Each day, the militants carried out three attacks and took about six lives, while February witnessed 239 deaths in 106 armed conflicts in the country, reveals a research report. The research document compiled by the Conflict Monitoring Centre (CMC), an Islamabad based research centre that monitors conflict scenario in South Asian region, reveals that anti-state insurgencies took more lives than security forces actions in South Asia. In Pakistan, 156 people were killed in 90 militant activities. Two-third of those died in bomb blasts and almost all victims of targeted killings in Pakistan were non-combatant ordinary people. Pointing to the Indian armed forces frustration at the hands of Kashmiri freedom lovers in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the report says, The anxiety continued to haunt Indian security forces personnel leading to mutual quarrel, exchange of firing or committing of suicide by them. Last month at least two Indian soldiers committed suicide. Both the incidents took place in Indian held Jammu and Kashmir. According to the report, every day of February 2011 witnessed 11 armed conflicts and 24 resultant deaths in three South Asian states - Afghanistan Pakistan and India. Every two out of five people killed, in insurgency or counter-militancy campaign, were non-combatant ordinary people. Followed by Pakistan, Afghanistan remained the worst victim of violence where everyday witnessed at least four incidents of violence and 14 consequent fatalities. Overall, 296 incidents of armed conflicts were reported during the month killing at least 681 people and leaving more than 549 others injured in the region. The civilian population remained the largest victim of armed conflicts in the region, as 299 out of 681, constituting about 44 per cent of total victims of violence in three countries, were non-combatants. Slightly less half or 47 per cent of the total victims of insurgencies in the region were civilians. The ratio of civilian to total deaths in security forces actions remained lowest 6.5 per cent in Pakistan compared to almost three-fourth of the civilian killings reported in Afghanistan where the highest victim of both militants activities and security forces actions were also civilians, the CMC report reveals. The highest militants casualties were also observed in Pakistan, which numbered 120. It was also the highest militants to total deaths ratio in the region, which stood about 50 per cent. The report says that the militants casualties constituted highest, almost one-half, among the total victims of armed conflicts in the country. The security forces losses ranked the second highest while civilian casualties remained lowest. Pointing to Pakistans security forces successful military offensives against miscreants, the reports says that about two third of those killed in insurgency in Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) were the alleged militants. Insurgency also took lives of 14 security forces personnel and 8 civilians in FATA. In Punjab, 3 people were killed and 27 others injured in 2 separate incidents while 9 militants activities left 3 people wounded in Sindh province. All victims of insurgency in Punjab and Sindh were civilians, says the report.