KARACHI - Fauji Akbar Portia Marine Terminal, a dry bulk cargo handling and storage terminal, located in the vicinity of Port Qasim Authority, is expected to shut down permanently due to facing heavy financial losses caused by the violent attacks of the unregistered dock labourers on its employees and installations. This was hinted by Akbar Rana, Chief Executive Fauji Akbar Portia Marine Terminals Limited while giving a press briefing to the journalists at the FAP premises here on Thursday. He said cargo handling operations have been suspended at the said terminal for the last 48 hours after the Port Qasim Authority dock workers hit the terminal on March 15. He said, We demand of the concerned authority (PQA) and the government to provide appropriate security support to our workers and machinery otherwise we will be highly justified to close our operations at the Port Qasim Authority seaport as FAP is obliged to safeguard the interests of own employees. We want to apply the Implementation Agreement (IA) signed between FAP and PQ earlier, which allows FAP to hire employees at its own basis on merit, he said, adding that bad law and order situation inside the terminal is not only disrupting cargo operational activities, but has been causing million of rupees losses to the company in terms of revenue. The company has liability to pay the government taxes as well. He informed that the labourers employed by the alleged cargo handling companies are not recognised dock workers at all. There is no Dock Labour Board at Port Qasim Authority as the Port Qasim Authority being the main governing body at Port Qasim does not have the authority to register any dock labour. He said the Commission of High Court has already rejected formation of a Dock Labour Board at PQA; terming it to be a liability. However, Port Qasim Authority has reiterated their stance at numerous occasions that it has no employee-employer relation with any company. The dock workers calls themselves as registered labourers on the basis of entry permit cards that were issued in 1980s for the employees of Khan Brothers & Associates (Consortium) Limited and Dinshaw Terminal Services Limited. However, both the Companies have seized their operations long since, he revealed. He said labour employed by cargo handling companies (CHCs) is a Mafia of 1757 individuals. Only 5 to 10 percent are actual labourers. FAP has given employment opportunity to the labour that was previously exploited as badli or katchi Labour, he said. He said CBA of dock labourers under the umbrella of PQA demands employment of 1757of its members at FAP as per the CBA agreement with cargo handling companies as well as removal of all FAP employed labour from Port Qasim Authority. Moreover, the want us to withdrawal petition against CBA Dock Labour from High Court of Sindh.