LAHORE FIA arrested PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi after the Lahore High Court rejected his bail plea here on Thursday. Moonis after coming back from abroad on February 25 had obtained protective bail from Sindh High Court and then interim pre arrest bail from Lahore High Court which was rejected. Moonis Elahi is one of the accused in the National Insurance Corporation Limited (NICL) scam and he allegedly embezzled Rs 320 million by transferring the amount in question from his bank account. After rejection of the bail by the Bench of Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry and Justice Ijazul Ehsan, Moonis appeared from the court room flanked by his supporters and lawyers as no FIA officer tried to take the accused in custody, who reached the Court compound amid sloganeering by his supporters. While addressing the journalists, he said that he would face all the cases against him bravely. He said he had full confidence in the courts, however, not in the FIA which he ,added, was framing false cases against him. He said that more cases would be built against him by other agencies but he would face them as his hands are clean. Later in the company of his supporters he went to his luxury car in the parking lot of the Bar wherein he drove out of the court premises escorted by vehicles of his gun tottering guards. Outside the courtroom some supporters and lawyers hurled abuses on the Additional DG while they pulled down the walk through gate in the court veranda while leading Moonis outside the premises. Later, about two hours after rejection of the bail, Moonis Elahi himself courted his arrest to the FIA authorities at their office. Earlier, during proceedings of senior jurist, S.M Zafar appearing for Moonis Elahi submitted before the court that all the allegations against his client were baseless and a malafide attempt by the Federal Investigation Agency, which wanted to get his custody to put pressure and force him to admit offence the which he never committed. He said no direct evidence was available against his client nor he had any role in the monetary transactions or purchase of the land. He said that Additional DG FIA was vindictive towards his client because he had stated before the SC on February 17 that he feels threatened from the Chaudhrys. He said FIRs stated land transaction between Mohsin Warraich etc, and the Company while two accounts alleged to be fictitious were operated by Muhammad Malick and Adil wherein his client was nowhere in the picture, hence he has been roped in the offence with ulterior motives. Zafar said the whole land prices to the tune of Rs 1.68 billion stands returned to the company as such no offence stood against his client. However, Zafar Qureshi, Additional DG FIA asserted that the petitioner has concealed the fact relating to FIR number 26 wherein the petitioner is accused of getting Rs 320 million. He said FIA had evidence and witnesses against the accused and during investigation it found that Moonis was involved in the land scam. He said the operators of the said account have stated that they gave total Rs 320 million to Moonis Elahi. The money, they said, infact, belonged to Moonis, he added,. Zafar Qureshi said that Rs 320 million were transferred from NICL to some bogus accounts and during the investigation it was discovered that the said amount was later transferred to account of Moonis. He said that investigation had been completed by FIA and in order to recover the amount it was now necessary to arrest Moonis. He further said that he succeeded in getting Ayaz Niazi confess within 48 hours but Moonis would take even less time than Ayaz for confession. After hearing the arguments, the bench rejected the bail petition of Moonis Elahi. FIA would produce Moonis in court on Friday (today) to get physical remand of the accused for further interrogation. It is worth reporting that Moonis Elahi is also sugar patient and he takes insulin. Due to which Zafar Qureshi said that an Assistant Director, Hammad Raza, Inspector Sarwar and four junior officers have been deputed for night duty. Moonis Elahi has been kept in the lock up with common accused arrested by FIA and there was ban on meeting or interview of the accused, said an officer of FIA seeking anonymity. He said that in the past it was practice that if some influential was arrested he was presented bed and separate room in FIA.