ISLAMABAD - To prepare a more comprehensive national plan for development, government should adopt long-term planning mechanism and make additions and alterations in the existing five year plan consistent with the changing economic conditions of the country. Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) President Mahfooz Elahi said in a meeting of businessmen that there was no long-term planning in any sector; unsustainable policies are main impediments in attracting new businesses. He said that as a developing nation long-term planning is an essential mean of guiding and accelerating development. In developing countries like Pakistan, there should be a strong and powerful swing towards long-term planning, he added. ICCI President was of the view that resources are not efficiently allocated according to the requirements and inappropriate allocation of resources reduces the opportunities to achieve desired results. He said that long-term policies are essential for removing stumbling blocks for new investments, which can be helpful for reducing fiscal deficit. Elahi further said that major economic reforms are much needed for creating a strong economic system and exploiting the full potential of available huge amount of resources to cope up with prevailing economic challenges.