Two brands of destroyers are destroying Pakistan: The external destroyers and the indigenous destroyers. The Taliban suiciders are destroying Pakistan from without, whereas some Pakistani politicians are destroying from within. A competition seems to be going on between the two destroyers. The masses are being mercilessly destroyed by both. In both the cases, Muslims are massacring the Muslims. Imagine a religionist killing a coreligionist with great religious fervour The killing of Muslims by Muslims is not an exclusively Pakistani phenomenon. In some Arab countries, the masses are firing slogans at the rulers. The rulers are responding with bullets. The bullets of the rulers are very loyal slaves of the rulers. They are dutifully killing the protesters. If the protests continue, the rulers will continue using the bullets. During his presidency, George Bush destroyed the Iraqi military, political and economic institutions. The horrific destruction gave birth to the Iraqi civil war. The war is raging unabated. The Iraqis are killing Iraqis. Iraq is drenched with Iraqi blood. Undoubtedly, Bush must be watching jubilantly the Iraqi bloodshed through a telescope from his ranch. He must be congratulating himself for his destruction of Iraq. He may be hoping to get a Destruction Nobel Prize. President Obama has taken a leaf out of Bushs book. His drones are killing innocent women and children in Afghanistan and Pakistan. America firmly believes that the Afghan children are potential terrorists. Terrorism must be nipped in the bud. The children must be nipped before they grow up into full-blooded terrorists. And the Afghan women must also be nipped before they give birth to terrorists. Apart from the brands of killing which are already discussed, there is another brand of killing which is raging in Pakistan. It is called honour killing. If a brother suspects that his sister is having an affair with someone, he feels that his honour is tarnished. He kills her. If a husband suspects that his wife is disloyal, he kills her. The honour killers believe that nature has granted them the right to commit honour killing with full immunity. Actually, man kills a woman on honour-basis simply because he is physically stronger than the woman. If women were stronger than men, would a wife kill her disloyal husband on the basis of honour killing? Lets not ask silly questions. Here is another brand of killing. Numerous Pakistanis are daily killed by over-speeding vehicles. If a vehicle fails to kill a pedestrian, it gets furious. It must have revenge. It bumps into another vehicle. Numerous passengers get killed. If a vehicle cannot bump into another vehicle, out of sheer frustration it jumps into a ravine killing its passengers. Here is another brand of killing. Some Pakistanis are extremely poor. They cant afford to buy even a few slices of bread. Eventually, starvation forces them to kill themselves. Some of the starving mothers tie their babies to their breasts and jump into rivers. Some lie on the railway tracks to be crushed by trains. Trains dont disappoint them. When a citizen kills himself because of extreme poverty, he is not a self-killer. It is the state which kills him. Here is another brand of killing. Robbers barge into private residences. If resisted, they kill the resisters. They rob whatever they can rob. It is a common phenomenon. Sometimes, robbers stop passenger buses running between cities. They jump in. They rob whatever they can rob. The resisters are killed. The people criticise the government for its inability to control robberies. Actually, the people themselves are to be blamed. The robbers can be robbed of their bus-robberies, if the bus-travellers stop travelling for good. They should imprison themselves in their homes. The imprisonment would deprive the robbers of their robberies. Target killing is another brand of killing. There is target killing in every part of the country. But the Karachi target killers have put to shame the target killers in other parts of the country. How many Pakistanis daily fall victims to target killing can never be known. We are lucky that the exact figures are unknowable. If someone somehow were to know the exact figures, he might out of depression target himself to death. The writer is an academic.