Sindh has been a land of Sufis and Saints such as Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar(Sehwan), Abdullah Shah Ghazi(Karachi), Geeay Shah Badshah(Sukkur), etc. It has also given birth to many great mystic poets such as Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sar Mast, Shah Abdul Karim, etc. All the Sufis and mystic poets of Sindh propagated the message of love, peace, brotherhood and happiness not only for the dwellers of Sindh but for the whole world. It was because of the sincere efforts of these bestowed persons of God that Sindh saw a permanent peace and happiness for many centuries in the past. But now the land of these great Sufis, Saints and mystic poets has been burning for the last three or four decades. It seems that we have forgotten that sincere message by all the above referred people. The gory episodes of robberies and target killings in Karachi with regular intervals, and the ugly and shameful incidents of kidnappings for ransom, tribal feuds, and Karo Kari in interior Sindh have frightened the lives of many peace loving people of the province. It is my humble request to all the stakeholders and influential people of the Sindh province to shun all their petty interests for the sake of the welfare and prosperity of the people of this beautiful province. We all have to be sincere in safeguarding the interests of all those people who are living in any city or town of the province. We have to learn to respect each others feelings beyond the ethnic affiliations of being Sindhi, Pakhtun, Urdu speaking, Punjabi or Balochi. I pray to Almighty Allah that good sense prevail and this beautiful land of Sindh and all its dwellers witness the return of those golden peaceful days of the yester centuries for which the province was once well known to many parts of the world. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, March 17.