LAHORE - Issues concerning the accommodation, grouping and transport of the 180,000 pilgrims expected to come from Pakistan for Haj this year focused in a meeting at the Madinah Move-n-pick Hotel between the visiting Pakistani Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khursheed Ahmad Shah and his accompanying delegation with the chairman of the board of directors of the private establishment for guides Yousef bin Ahmad Huwalah. According to a spokesman of Ministry for Religious Affairs the meeting discussed the services to be provided to the Pakistani pilgrims with a view to enabling them perform the Haj rituals in ease and comfort. The minister thanked the Kingdom for increasing the quota of Pakistani pilgrims to 180,000 and said half of them will arrive in Madina to pray at the Prophets Mosque before the Haj while the other half will arrive after the Haj. The minister asked the Haj authorities in Madina not to keep the Pakistani pilgrims for long at the reception centres and to expedite issuing them with accommodation permits. On his part, Al-Huwalah said the establishment will do its best to provide consummate services to Pakistani pilgrims so as to perform the fifth pillar of Islam in complete comfort. He added that the establishment will leave no stone unturned for the service of all pilgrims, including Pakistani Hajis.