LAHORE- Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan says overwhelming majority of the people are shocked by the court verdict in the case against Raymond Davis because of its moral aspect and what they are saying against the decision is the voice of their hearts. Still, he said, the verdict could not be called illegal and streets protests against it will not be justified. He said he himself was among those who were dissatisfied with the court order that led to the acquittal of the CIA contractor after 47 days detention in Kot Lakhpat Jail. The minister said this in an interview with TheNation at his residence on Thursday evening. He appealed to the protestors to express their sentiments without resorting to violence. The police, he said, had been ordered not to use force against the demonstrators unless they get violent and take the law into their own hands. He did not call upon the religious parties to take back the protest and strike call although he was specifically asked whether he would like to appeal to them to withdraw the call. You said recently that the Punjab government was aware of the talks between the two sides, but it had played no role in bringing the two sides across the table. Will you like to shed some light on how the talks had started? he was asked. The minister said the role of the Punjab government was confined to registering the case against the accused, investigating it and submitting the challan to court after finding him guilty of the offence of double murder. He said the Punjab government had declared at the very outset that it would accept any verdict coming from the court, whether it held Raymond guilty or accepted his immunity claim. The minister said since the US national had been acquitted after the payment of blood money to the legal heirs of the victims, the provincial government was totally out of the loop. Nobody had approached the Punjab government for cooperation in talks or payment of compensation, he emphasized. He said he was unaware of whether the federal government had played any role in winning Raymond freedom. We have no proof in this regard. He said only Advocate Irshad Kayani knew how the contacts between the two sides had started and who had paid the blood money. UN Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in categorical terms that the compensation had not been paid by her country and that only the aggrieved families knew the source. Rana Sana claimed that the Punjab did not have even the wildest imagination that the victims families would go for a compromise. It was a news for us (like anybody else) when the settlement was announced, the law minister said. According to him, police had played no role in bringing the aggrieved families to Kot Lakhpat Jail on Wednesday. He said it was Advocate Irshad Kayani who brought them to jail, where the court had been set up under tight security, the minister, reiterating that the police knew nothing about the whole matter. He denied reports that the families had been picked up by police from their residences and brought to the jail before Fajr prayers. They had come at the court time, not before. Asked who had paid the blood money, the law minister said it was Advocate Irshad Kayani and all receipts were also with him. He said only Mr Kayani was in a position to tell who had given him the money. Rana Sanaullah denied PML-N leader Siddiqul Farooqs claim made at a news conference that Saudi Arabia had played a role in making the deal possible. In response to a question, the minister said no espionage case had been registered against Raymond Davis, nor was he investigated for it. He said the provincial government had sent to the Centre all that it had recovered from Raymond and had requested the latter to let the former know if it was required to take some further action on the basis of the analyses of the said items. He said there was no response to the Punjab governments call. You have been claiming that Raymond was kept in jail like other prisoners. If so, why was he allowed daily visits from various guests and special food? he was asked. Rana Sanaullah said the Foreign Ministry had given the accused consular access and the Punjab government was duty-bound to allow the visits he was entitled to. He said the food was always brought by Raymonds visitors. He said the CIA contractor had never taken the jail food. He strongly denied that wife had ever stayed with Raymond in jail. About the present whereabouts of the families that had received compensation on Wednesday, the minister expressed his ignorance. They had come to jail with Irshad Kayani and left with him. He said the families could have been hiding because of the likely public reaction against them. The minister said the Punjab government was completely unaware of where the families were living now. Asked about the possibility of their migrating to some other country, the minister said there were rumours that along with compensation some members had also received visas. He said it was his personal assessment that some people would settle abroad. Their likely destination was the US, he said, adding that he did not know the exact number of those who would prefer to leave Pakistan.