ISLAMABAD Shahid Orakzai, who challenged Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharifs eligibility, has moved an application at the Registrar Supreme Court Dr Faqir Hussein office seeking his attention to the March 12 announcement by the Public Relations Officer on the subject of Punjab government on stay order. He also quoted the April 26, 2010 order, in which, the court had stopped the Advocate General Punjab to appear as counsel for Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif in his eligibility case and had directed the CM Punjab to hire his private counsel in this case. You may kindly read this order twice to determine whether any person whose membership of the Provincial Assembly is questioned by the Supreme Court and orders in that regard are signed by no less than seven judges can head a Provincial Government for 5-year without interruption, applicant inquired from the SC Registrar. Orakzai said, There is no harm, if a province is governed under a stay order because this court did grant such an order in March 2009 and it would be most appropriate if the PRO is directed to clarify the situation because Khawaja Haris was appointed by the governor on the advice of very person, who is not the member of Provincial Assembly until the Supreme Court so declares through a judgment. A dispute before this court can not be ruled by press release, he also mentioned. The Supreme Court on Friday had passed an order that in the future if anyone intends to make any statement regarding a stay order in favour of the Punjab government, he should get information from the registrar instead of saying something that is not supported by the court record. During the proceeding of the Haj scandal case, it was pointed out to Punjab Advocate General (AG), Khawaja Harris, that as the chief law officer, he should clarify as to whether any case relating to a stay being granted in favour of the Punjab government is pending in the Supreme Court, as it is generally alleged that the Punjab government is functioning on such a stay order. The Punjab AG categorically stated that no such case of stay is pending for running the Punjab government. However, the CJP directed the advocate general to visit the SC registrar office in the company of the media after court hours to look for any such case on the website of the SC.