LAHORE Deficit-plagued Pakistan Railways has reduced its set revenue receipt targets from Rs 28.15 billion to Rs 18.19 billion and demanded Rs 15 billion more from the budget allotment of Rs 32.1 billion to meet its expenditures, the financial summary available with TheNation stated. According to the summary, the Railways has expended Rs 24.83 billion till February 2010 in terms of general administration, repair and maintenance and operation from its total budget allocation for 2010-11 and needed Rs 15 billion more mere to meet its expenditures till the end of the financial year. So, the estimated calculations predicted that the railways would face about Rs 30 billion loss at the end of the financial year, until some miracles met the cash strapped public utility. The bailout package of Rs 11.1 billion for the railways was already being denied from the Finance Ministry. The railways had to bear Rs 36 billion deficit in the previous fiscal year while in the first quarter of the current fiscal year it had to face Rs 2 billion shortfall. According to details of cash material in transit to end of February 2010, the PR used Rs 17.19 million for pension, Rs 1996.13 millions for NBP Advance Pension, Rs 47.297 millions for RMC, Rs 312.955 million for fuel, Rs 940 million for GPS, Rs 186.142 million for manufacturing and Rs 1,069 millions for Transfer Divisional with a total of Rs 4.56 billion. As per the summary, the railways in terms of General Administration, spent about Rs 1.6 billion till the end of last month while for the repairs and maintenance, operation and other revenue expenditures, it used Rs 4.4 billion, Rs 8.4 billion and 3.8 billion respectively. The stores allocation (GPS) has been stated as Rs 1.9 billion. The management had set the revenue receipt targets about Rs 28.15 billion and as per the description, they had set the target to earn Rs 14.50 billion from the passenger services and Rs 1.05 billion from the other coaching. Similarly, they expected Rs 8.5 billion, Rs 650 million and Rs 3.4 billion for freight, military and sundry operations respectively. Instead, the PR has taken several stringent and bold steps in perking up and improving its image, performance and achievements over the past few months, yet the situation was miserable and the railways has reduced its revenue generation target to Rs 18.18b. It decreased the earning target for passenger, coaching, goods and military services as Rs 11.9b, Rs 1.5 billion, Rs 4.7b and Rs 0.4b respectively.