Instead of broadening the tax base, bringing Agriculture sector under tax net, and exploring new means, 15% surcharge has been imposed on tax payers through Presidential Ordinance. Being democratic government, consensus through Parliament should have been sought for implementation of further taxation. Unfortunately, in our country there are quite a few people who honestly pay taxes whereas most of the wealthy big fish escape tax net. To add insult to injury, various loopholes present in tax imposition and collection system cause seepage of major portion of taxes that end up with meagre collections. Mr Shoukat Aziz had made vows during his premiership that he will document and computerise each and every segment of economy and no one shall be left out of tax net. It was felt, that he being from Finance fraternity will set things right. Alas At the end of the day, the gentleman sold all his property and silently slipped away from Pakistan, breaking his promises. After him, various experiments were done with FBR but to no avail. Burden of taxes gradually got shifted to the lower middle class in shape of different surcharges and sales tax. On the other hand, the picture is different for business community. The daily turnover, even of retailers, goes many times higher than what the salaried people get after one month, but only salaried class has been taxed again and again. And no one questions about the income of retailers and tax thereon. The gross disparity of taxation system leave the salaried people in the lurch. And taxing further the already taxed class is beyond logic. It will only enhance their miseries, woes and plights. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, March 16.