This is with reference to story published in papers of 16 March in which it is stated that the protesters attacked a police station at Multan and after torturing policemen destroyed the building and got many inmates released. The situation of law and order is deteriorating and worsening and the mob justice is in full swing throughout the country. Another practical example is the operation at Central Jail Hyderabad Sindh where at least seven prisoners were killed and many jail officials injured and the jail building was also effected. These events must be taken as eye opener for our rulers and authorities concerned. The basic question arises why the people are taking the law into their hands and why the law enforcing agencies are losing their confidence and credibility. The reason for this scenario is quite vivid and clear. When all the institution will be politicised and corrupt officers will be appointed the result will be disastrous. Recently, CM of Punjab has said that the appointments in Police will be made through PPSC to ensure that only efficient and honest officers are appointed. This is a good sign but this improvement will take some time to show practical results. Short term measures must be taken and the police should be brought to justice if found in illegal activities. SHAUKAT HAYAT KHAN DAHA, Vehari, March 16