ISLAMABAD – Chairman Prime Minister’s Task Force on Islamabad, Faisal Sakhi Butt has said that the rotten water supply lines in Islamabad would be replaced with the cost of Rs 6 billion to ensure the provision of safe water to the citizens. He said this while talking with a group of media men in his office on Saturday.

Faisal Sakhi Butt said the present lines had been rotten and poured out due to which 30 to 40 percent water was gone wasted. These seeped out lines also catch sewerage water and the user received unhygienic and unsafe drinking water at the end. He said, “We need Rs 6 billion to replace all the faulty lines and French government has contributed a handsome amount to this regard and remaining amount would be arranged very shortly to initiate this project”. 

He added that the Task Force was working out how to improve the public transport, garbage picking and sewerage system in the city to provide the citizens healthy atmosphere “If the CDA would keep a proper eye on these issues, than there would be no need of establishing the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Islamabad”, he mentioned. Faisal Sakhi Butt was determined to make ICT a world-class city with regard to all civic facilities. He said the trees cut down by CDA were causing pollen allergy or they were termite stricken by their roots. “But some 0.2 million saplings are being planted every year in ICT and we have set the target of planting 5 lac saplings this year to combat the environmental problem aroused due to shortage of trees”, Faisal stated. He said the work on Thar Coal to produce cheap and required electricity was under way. Chinese experts have arrived while two teams of experts from Russia would shortly be arrived in Pakistan to accelerate work on this project. He said the PPP led Federal government had taken the annoyance of American government over the Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline Project in the larger interest of the people of Pakistan, which was a unique example of caring the country’s interest. He further stated that the PPP would not compromise on national interest on any cost and it would face and try hard to settle all the problems.