I am greatly upset by the brazen manner in which Waheeda Shah slapped a lady teacher as well as the general political instability of the country. This only points to the moral and political decadence we have reached. I am also worried about the upcoming general elections and doubt whether they will be free and fair as repeatedly claimed by the PPP setup. To prevent the situation from further deteriorating I suggest the following points.

1- To break the monopoly the police and the political elite have maintained over the system, a commission comprising judges, media personnel and generals should be formed. 2- A new election commission under the leadership of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry should be formed.  3- All the candidates should be invited a year ahead of the general elections. They must be probed and a thorough assessment of their bio-date must be carried out. 4- The present Senate should be dissolved and new one be formed. The present Senate has shamelessly proved itself to be a ‘den of gamblers’ given all the reports of bribe and monetary favours. 5- Before the new elections, a new and independent police be formed to prevent rigging and show of firearms by influential politicians. The present lot of corrupt police carders should be handed over to the Army for deployment at Siachin so that they realise that their job is not just to take bribes or letting the criminals roam freely. 6- All the country’s revenue records must be computerised.

It is only after such measures have been taken by honest and upright individuals that the poll should be conducted.


Sialkot, March 17.