ISLAMABAD  - The main character of memogate scandal Mansoor Ijaz said that the Abbottabad operation was carried out after the approval of President Zardari and the US was told directly that they could conduct operation.

He was answering the questions raised by Zahid Bukhari, counsel of former Pakistani ambassador Husain Haqqani, during the proceedings of the Judicial Commission, which met under the chairmanship of Chief Justice Baluchistan High Court Justice Qazi Faiz Isa in the Islamabad High Court here on Saturday.

“The activities of Husain Haqqani in USA were causing deterioration in ties between ISI and CIA”, Mansoor added.

Mansoor Ijaz said it was a wrong perception that he wanted clash between the institutions but as a matter of fact President Zardari and Husain Haqqani wished to do so. Haqqani had strong relations with those agencies that were desirous to increase its staff in Pakistan for American interests.