Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has called upon the scholars and intellectuals to come forward and jointly eradicate any possibility of division among the ranks of new and old Sindhis. In his telephonic address to a large public gathering at Bagh-e-Mustafa Ground on the occasion of 28th founding year of MQM, Altaf Hussain said that Sindhi intellectuals should play their due role to efface the line between old and new residences of the province. He was addressing, via telephone, a large gathering at Bagh-e-Mustafa ground on the 28th anniversary of the foundation of MQM. He said that he had been living in exile for all these years because he welcomed the poor people among rich industrialists and called for equal rights of all the provinces. “My only fault is that I have provided a living place to the poor among rich industrialists and I am the only leader who refused to budge,” he said. Referring to Balochistan issue, he said equal rights to all Baloch natives should be granted and declared that his party wanted to eliminate the decaying system of feudalism in the country. "People of Pakistan also want an end to the slavery and the poor peasants should reserved fundamental right of being treated as human beings," he said, stressing people to outcaste landlords in the next general elections. About Mehran scam, Altaf claimed that he was the only politician who refused to accept bribe from the intelligence agencies which was evident from the statement of Younis Habib and others who said that he had to suffer due to his refusal.